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A window to the music that's out there. Alternative, Garage, Indie, Latin, Pop and Psychedelic Rock. Grunge, 90s, classic, krautrock and progressive rock. Read the reviews and join the Spotify playlist News of The World

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March 2023 Reviews

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Dojo for Crooks "Wire Me Up"
28/03/2023 Sounds from the USA
Festive and boisterous "Wire Me Up" is a roller coaster of unleashed rock. Dojo for Crooks combines psychedelia, ... [ read more and listen ]

  664 visitas 
Hurricane Titania "Outbreak"
28/03/2023 Sounds from the USA
A mysterious and somewhat oppressive atmosphere begins "Outbreak", a very personal track by Hurricane Titania. A very heartfelt ... [ read more and listen ]

  610 visitas 
Up Against The Phantom "The Sun King"
28/03/2023 Sounds from Norway
A dense sound wall, shoegaze and somewhat dark. A sweet voice sails over that sea of textures. From Norway Up ... [ read more and listen ]

  704 visitas 
Jawberry "King Kong"
28/03/2023 Sounds from the USA
The grunge and psychedelic brit pop of the 90s find an exponent in Jawberry's "King Kong". A ... [ read more and listen ]

  580 visitas 
Viqueen "Ride or Die"
28/03/2023 Sounds from the USA
A stubborn riff and a galloping groove pull a high-level hard rock. Viqueen definitely rocks hard and gritty on " ... [ read more and listen ]

  616 visitas 

Ingrid and the Ministers "Last Night I Dreamt That I Shot Myself"
28/03/2023 Sounds from New Zealand
Fresh and overwhelming energy with a bass line that pushes and pushes! Ingrid and the Ministers pleasantly surprises with " ... [ read more and listen ]

  543 visitas 
Glorybots "Come At Me"
28/03/2023 Sounds from the USA
The subtly epic "Come At Me" sets the mood with delicate arrangements and a vivid drum sound that ... [ read more and listen ]

  643 visitas 
Alex Exists "Dancing With Chaos"
28/03/2023 Sounds from Canada
A chill psychedelia with a post-punk imprint and an explosive chorus. Alex Exists invites us to "Dancing With Chaos& ... [ read more and listen ]

  615 visitas 
Vampire Campfire "The Smile On Your Face"
28/03/2023 Sounds from the USA
A wide-ranging vocal style and deep emotionality when performing is one of the hallmarks of Vampire Campfire. In "The ... [ read more and listen ]

  554 visitas 
R. F. Coleman "Thought Disorder"
14/03/2023 Sounds from Australia
Nineties groove and oriental arrangements, a lazy and somewhat psychedelic interpretation. R. F. Coleman navigates territory we might recognize from ... [ read more and listen ]

  619 visitas 
We Are Not Robots "Pure Nothing"
14/03/2023 Sounds from Australia
A lunatic whistle dominates the intro over a thriving, dense groove. We Are Not Robots arrives with a solid and ... [ read more and listen ]

  578 visitas 

Jim Pohlson "Dandelion"
14/03/2023 Sounds from the USA
Folky and hopeful, bright and somewhat mystical "Dandelion" generates a world of its own. Jim Pohlson interprets the ... [ read more and listen ]

  702 visitas 
Molass "Toto"
14/03/2023 Sounds from Germany
The 80s synthesizers vibrate again in "Toto", a delicately produced track. Molass takes that legacy and brings it ... [ read more and listen ]

  624 visitas 
Jack Wakeman & The Dreamstriders "The Witching Hour"
14/03/2023 Sounds from united Kingdom
Mysticism and eighties atmosphere, uncanny sonority and irresistible dynamics. Jack Wakeman & The Dreamstriders unfolds step by step the sections ... [ read more and listen ]

  595 visitas 
Lauren Lakis "Take my hand"
14/03/2023 Sounds from the USA
With her classic hallmark Lauren Lakis returns to offer an intriguing and captivating song. Spacey grunge guitar textures and an ... [ read more and listen ]

  541 visitas 
Grocer "Here On Out"
14/03/2023 Sounds from the USA
A little folky and psychedelic gem "Here On Out" connects the 60s and 90s with a highly emotional ... [ read more and listen ]

  513 visitas 
The Infamists "Spectral Mistress"
14/03/2023 Sounds from the USA
Psychedelia of extreme purity, a whole trip to a mystical space and a totally captivating chorus. The Infamists play the ... [ read more and listen ]

  658 visitas 

Let´s build an empire "Don´t Ask"
14/03/2023 Sounds from the Netherlands
An edgy riff and a galloping groove. Let's build an empire unleashes all the emotion in a skin-deep rendition ... [ read more and listen ]

  666 visitas 
Long Distances "Lovesong for an Apocalypse"
02/03/2023 Sounds from India
Muted guitars, layers of synths and an energetic and thriving groove. A sweet voice at the top and a vibe ... [ read more and listen ]

  646 visitas 
Qwiet Type "My Dear"
02/03/2023 Sounds from the USA
Mystical and softly dark "My Dear" generates a very personal atmosphere. Qwiet Type displays subtle arrangements and a ... [ read more and listen ]

  576 visitas 
Wayford West "The Sailor´s Curse"
02/03/2023 Sounds from Germany
Hard rock and freshness go hand in hand in "The Sailor's Curse", a song that goes one ... [ read more and listen ]

  668 visitas 
Dead Professional "Ashes Are Ashes"
02/03/2023 Sounds from the USA
An intro with tremolo guitars sets the mood. Dead Professional develops a space folk on "Ashes Are Ashes& ... [ read more and listen ]

  617 visitas 
Mag Electric "Thorn in My Side"
02/03/2023 Sounds from the USA
An epic and challenging journey to another dimension. Mag Electric raises the 70s torch on "Thorn in My Side& ... [ read more and listen ]

  614 visitas 
The Shattered Mind Machine "Miles and Miles"
02/03/2023 Sounds from Switzerland
A sonorous, sharp and vibrating mass attacks from the first second. The Shattered Mind Machine launches its verses on the ... [ read more and listen ]

  591 visitas 
Longboat "Midnight Drive"
02/03/2023 Sounds from the USA
Darkness and mechanical rhythm drive "Midnight Drive" a track that honors certain sound traditions of the 80s. A ... [ read more and listen ]

  563 visitas 
Nicholas Walmer "Caroline"
02/03/2023 Sounds from the USA
An ode that oscillates between the dark and the surf. Nicholas Walmer updates the psychedelia of the 60s to embark ... [ read more and listen ]

  643 visitas 
Martin Leary "It´s Time"
02/03/2023 Sounds from the United Kingdom
A heavy riff and a sound design that pays homage to the 70s. Martin Leary navigates troubled waters on " ... [ read more and listen ]

  605 visitas 

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