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A window to the music that's out there. Alternative, Garage, Indie, Latin, Pop and Psychedelic Rock. Grunge, 90s, classic, krautrock and progressive rock. Read the reviews and join the Spotify playlists News of The World and Seeking Land.

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Bonelang "American Playboy"
26/10/2020 Sounds from the USA
A vibrant pop dressed in dark clothes, a forked percussion sustains sharp riffs and the words fall like lashes. At ... [ read more and listen ]

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Spider Mike "King Hollow Man"
26/10/2020 Sounds from the UK
Con una voz rocosa, Spider Mike King continúa con el lento blues rock de "Hollow Man". ... [ read more and listen ]

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Bend Sinister "1997"
26/10/2020 Sounds from Canada
A pop rock song with nostalgia from 1997 but, coincidentally, incorporating a lot of '80s rock idioms. Bend Sinister resonates with ... [ read more and listen ]

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The Cosmic Rabbit Holes "The Echo Trees"
26/10/2020 Sounds from Denmark
A cosmic intro is followed by an almost country melody. The Cosmic Rabbit Holes cultivates a subtle psychedelic, in " ... [ read more and listen ]

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Apache Rose "On my watch"
25/10/2020 Sounds from Russia
Strong rock in the school of Smashing Pumpkins but also reminiscent of the 80s. With a modern sound Apache Rose ... [ read more and listen ]

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Slow Pineapple "Cake"
25/10/2020 Sounds from Canada
A kind of psychedelic jazz and an ode to cake. A bittersweet song, very personal and with an experimental tone. ... [ read more and listen ]

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Subterranean Street Society "Wake Me Up Before I Go To Sleep"
24/10/2020 Sounds from Netherlands
An industrial, grunge, suburban blues. A mantric chorus and the harsh reality of everyday life. This is rock, a vehicle ... [ read more and listen ]

  18 visitas 
The Wilderness "If I Have To Die"
24/10/2020 Sounds from Canada
A melancholic rock song, with a very emotional melodic line and an open and bright chorus. The Wilderness's " ... [ read more and listen ]

  14 visitas 
Riverman "Plague"
24/10/2020 Sounds from Finland
A song with a lot of atmosphere, the melodies float ethereal and explode in the chorus. Riverman presents in " ... [ read more and listen ]

  14 visitas 
Space Electric "Lose It Completely"
23/10/2020 Sounds from Norway
A space grunge, with guitars that intersect like trails of light. The post-punk energy of Space Electric shines in " ... [ read more and listen ]

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Analog Dog "Fall Down"
23/10/2020 Sounds from the USA
Analog Dog sounds like a band in your living room. "Fall Down" advances step by step, with parsimony ... [ read more and listen ]

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Jeremy Drury "Do it Right"
21/10/2020 Sounds from Toronto, Canada
Emotional post punk reminiscent of both The Offspring and R.E.M. Jeremy Drury's "Do It Right" ... [ read more and listen ]

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Apparitions "The Sailor Orates"
21/10/2020 Sounds from Australia
Post punk also heir to grunge "The Sailor Orates" by Apparitions is a track that resonates with many ... [ read more and listen ]

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The Damn Devils "Pantheon"
21/10/2020 Sounds from USA
A fusion of classic metal, progressive and some grunge. Metallica, Rata Blanca and Stone Temple Pilots resonate in The Damn ... [ read more and listen ]

  63 visitas 
Sunfish "Whatever"
19/10/2020 Sounds from Salt Lake City, USA
An energetic rock, with punk traction and pop spirit. Sunfish "Whatever" brings a well constructed song with ... [ read more and listen ]

  51 visitas 
Speed Control "Inspector Tang"
19/10/2020 Sounds from Yukon, Canada
Good hard rock, with a chorus to sing along with the band with a clenched fist held high. From deep ... [ read more and listen ]

  23 visitas 
The Chewy Center "Uncle Art
18/10/2020 Sounds from Cleveland, Ohio, USA
A kind of progressive funk, with links to the pop rock school and sections that explode with groove. The Chewy ... [ read more and listen ]

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Ford Corl "Vitamins"
17/10/2020 Sounds from the USA
A fresh song with a psychedelic undertone. With a punk essence, Ford Corl -which presents himself as apartment rock- presents ... [ read more and listen ]

  118 visitas 
Salava "Remorse"
17/10/2020 Sounds from Finland
The intro is reminiscent of Soundgarden, the verses of Black Sabbath and the chorus of Rush. Three great references masterfully ... [ read more and listen ]

  80 visitas 
Morning Arcade "Cold Shoulders"
17/10/2020 Sounds from the United Kingdom
A nonstop journey to the early 80s, the effects on the vocals and guitars, the flirtation with certain jazz rock ... [ read more and listen ]

  38 visitas 
Birdman Cult "Time"
17/10/2020 Sounds from Bristol/Newcastle, UK
A dark, almost industrial twist with very English melodies. Birdman Cult's "Time" inhabits the pandemic and in ... [ read more and listen ]

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In Isolation "The Man Who Hides From Love"
17/10/2020 Sounds from the UK
A lively song, with character, with a clear and powerful sound. In Isolation sounds organic and perfectly handles the palette ... [ read more and listen ]

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Badluv "Hate Me"
13/10/2020 Sounds from the USA
A vocal melody that acts like a riff, a forceful drums and a hi-hat that resonates like a cobra. A ... [ read more and listen ]

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Colatura "I Don´t Belong Here"
13/10/2020 Sounds from New York City, USA
A bittersweet song with a post punk spirit. The pandemic influences the music of 2020 once again, the feeling of being ... [ read more and listen ]

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Nathan Oliver "Everybody´s Swimming"
13/10/2020 Sounds from North Carolina, USA
Drums reminiscent of Roy Orbison, stubborn bass, and punchy guitar. Nathan Oliver invites you to jump into the water in & ... [ read more and listen ]

  58 visitas 
Everyone Is Dirty "Paper Cutout"
13/10/2020 Sounds from Oakland, California, USA
"Paper Cut" is a song that seems to be in the present all the time, second after second. ... [ read more and listen ]

  79 visitas 
Feverist "Reveller"
13/10/2020 Sounds from London, UK
A song that advances stealthily, that happens through silences, with mystery and contained energy. With a nocturnal, intimate and somehow ... [ read more and listen ]

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The Sexy Accident "Undefeated Champion of the Arcade"
10/10/2020 Sounds from the USA
An intense pop rock, with robotic arrangements and oriental hints. In some experimental way, at times it is reminiscent of ... [ read more and listen ]

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Lone Kodiak "PDX ´97"
09/10/2020 Sounds from Los Angeles, California, USA
With a massive and elegant sound the Lone Kodiak features in "PDX '97" the story of a summer ... [ read more and listen ]

  54 visitas 
Carver Commodore "Cancel Culture"
08/10/2020 Sounds from the USA
Groove, a lot of groove, a playful bass line and sharp drums. Also funk and modern dynamics in which two ... [ read more and listen ]

  71 visitas 
The Criticals "High Life Clinic"
08/10/2020 Sounds from the USA
A vital rock, loaded with rhythm, recorded in a cabin. Even if they go to the field, The Criticals sound ... [ read more and listen ]

  43 visitas 
Bike Club "Heart Beating"
08/10/2020 Sounds from Toronto, Canada
Post punk with sharp guitars but with a pop heart. Bike Club presents in "Heart Beating" an urgent ... [ read more and listen ]

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Sun Traitors "Kaleidoscope Blues"
08/10/2020 Sounds from Australia
Hard rock with a grunge vibe, a hard-hitting riff reminiscent of Pearl Jam, and an overwhelming attitude and energy. From ... [ read more and listen ]

  52 visitas 
Sad Park "Over and Over"
06/10/2020 Sounds from Los Angeles, California, USA
Acoustic guitar punk in a vibe reminiscent of the Boom Boom Kid and his emotional songs with a 50s style. ... [ read more and listen ]

  62 visitas 
Alternative Radio "I Don´t Want You"
04/10/2020 Sounds from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
Fresh and spontaneous "I Don't Want You" sounds like an encounter between the early punk singles of ... [ read more and listen ]

  246 visitas 
Lauren Lakis "Fear of God"
02/10/2020 Sounds from Baltimore, USA
Like a desert chacarera "Fear of God" sounds apocalyptic but with a certain luminosity, like certain post grunge ... [ read more and listen ]

  78 visitas 
El Fatso "Ketama"
02/10/2020 Sounds from Netherlands
A forceful rock groove on which varied influences are mounted. El Fatso travels many roads in one, desert rock, new ... [ read more and listen ]

  78 visitas 
First Frontier "Take Cover"
02/10/2020 Sounds from the UK
The London duo First Frontier cultivates a very personal post punk. In "Take Cover" the band goes through ... [ read more and listen ]

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Kyle McNeill "New Prescription"
01/10/2020 Sounds from the USA
A rock song, fresh and on a day-to-day vibe, with a dry drum and a stripped-down bass and guitar. Simple ... [ read more and listen ]

  86 visitas 
Hinters Will “The Reaper”
28/09/2020 Sounds from Australia
Ambient rock, a classic song dressed in sonic costumes, a frank and emotional singing style. An in your face chorus ... [ read more and listen ]

  70 visitas 
Ni Voz Ni Voto "La Cantante"
27/09/2020 Sonidos desde Perú
La banda peruana Ni Voz Ni Voto llega con un tema muy particular. En "La Cantante" la fusi& ... [ read more and listen ]

  253 visitas 
Antoine Duclos "I Tried Too Hard"
27/09/2020 Sounds from France
A soft but intense song, with an energy similar to that of certain 90s rock bands such as Blind Melon. ... [ read more and listen ]

  80 visitas 
The Dirty Pennies "Waste Away"
27/09/2020 Sounds from the USA
Distorted guitar rock in a post punk key but with some experimental vocation. The Dirty Pennies' "Waste Away" ... [ read more and listen ]

  78 visitas 
Tink and the Lost Boys "Weeping Willow"
26/09/2020 Sounds from Detroit, MI, USA
Bittersweet and slightly dark as the life of the artist "Weeping Willow" from Tink and the Lost Boys ... [ read more and listen ]

  127 visitas 
Daniel Frank "On the Edge"
26/09/2020 Sounds from the USA
Good rock, good guitars, good voice and attitude. Daniel Frank shows in "On the Edge" a great handling ... [ read more and listen ]

  98 visitas 
Chantelle du Toit "Override"
25/09/2020 Sounds from London, United Kingdom
A classic hard rock with Foo Fighters style grunge influences. Powerful riff, good stereo mixing work, and plenty of singing ... [ read more and listen ]

  214 visitas 
Mob War “West Points Up”
25/09/2020 Sounds from Denmark
The bass line rules the verses and an oriental sounding guitar prevails in the chorus. The Mob War thing resembles ... [ read more and listen ]

  155 visitas 
Soul Honey Records “Sugar Melting in the Rain”
23/09/2020 Spinds from the USA
A classic rock piece played with distinction and elegance. Soul Honey Records' "Sugar Melting in the Rain" invites ... [ read more and listen ]

  141 visitas 
The Pierce Project “Wasting My Time”
23/09/2020 Sounds from the USA
A song with a psychedelic vibe that sounds like The Mamas & The Papas have met the Inspiral Carpets. The ... [ read more and listen ]

  144 visitas 
Burning Pools "Bang Bang"
23/09/2020 Sounds from the USA
A sweet voice on a guitar laden with fuzz. Grunge power, pop melody and bittersweet lyrical. Burning Pools is a ... [ read more and listen ]

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