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A window to the music that's out there. Alternative, Garage, Indie, Latin, Pop and Psychedelic Rock. Grunge, 90s, classic, krautrock and progressive rock. Read the reviews and join the Spotify playlist News of The World

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Darkness Is My Canvas "Tilted Vision"
10/06/2024 Sounds from Finland
A thundering riff, djent sounds and gothic metal harmonies. Echoes of nu metal and a lot of tension that unleashes ... [ read more and listen ]

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Howque "Night Of The Stray Dog"
15/04/2024 Sounds from Germany
A broken, somewhat tribal rhythm, a piercing guitar with an oriental vibe and a barking dog. Without a doubt an ... [ read more and listen ]

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Accidental Caps "Across the Divide"
15/04/2024 Sound from the USA
Progressive rock at its best. Futuristic and classic, the journey of "Across the Divide" is loaded with psychedelia, ... [ read more and listen ]

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Close to Monday "Stranger"
02/04/2024 Sounds from
Darkness and sweetness are part of "Stranger." A techno rock with industrial touches and reminiscences of Depeche Mode. ... [ read more and listen ]

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The Guilteens "Long Lost Version"
30/03/2024 Sounds from from Cork, ireland
A languid rhythm, airy instrumentation, echoes of the 60s. A melodic line halfway through with a narration. "Long Lost ... [ read more and listen ]

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Like Foxes in Bloom - Wavesick
21/03/2024 Sounds from Germany
Bored? Tired of living the same day everyday without anything exciting? Well, this song is for you! Wavesick comes your ... [ read more and listen ]

  1787 visitas 
29 East - Close Your Eyes
21/03/2024 Sounds from Canada
Are you looking for something new in that music you currently listen to? Well, you found the perfect one for ... [ read more and listen ]

  1617 visitas 
Mira Sthira - A Fix
21/03/2024 Sounds from USA
Mira Sthira offers us A Fix, a track full of interesting sounding and ambient. This will catch your attention with ... [ read more and listen ]

  1707 visitas 
The First Eloi - Last Days Of Summer
21/03/2024 Sounds from Germany
Searching for a good song to vibe to? We have the answer! The First Eloi offers us “Last Days ... [ read more and listen ]

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Nachtlicht - 14 Minuten
21/03/2024 Sounds from Germany
Directly from Germany, Nachtlicht offers this great track! 14 Minuten has such a cool sounding, it is really energetic and powerful! ... [ read more and listen ]

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Twin Dive - Vorele
21/03/2024 Sounds from Lithuania
This track has some interesting instrumentals that promise to keep you involved with it, and also, an amazing music video! ... [ read more and listen ]

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Starfire - Shayna
21/03/2024 Sounds from USA
This track has something interesting to it right from the beggining, it is a fresh mix of instrumentals that just ... [ read more and listen ]

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Falling From Aeroplanes - Water
21/03/2024 Sounds from Sweden
This song has a fresh, fun to listen to start. It will immediately get you involved with its youthful, cheerful ... [ read more and listen ]

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Houses in the Sky "Kristy with a K"
21/03/2024 Sounds from USA
With some Alice in Chains, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Rush influences, Houses in the Sky offers "Kristy ... [ read more and listen ]

  458 visitas 
Mount Nemo - Spooky D Cross
21/03/2024 Sounds from Canada
This song has an energetic start that manages to keep up through the whole duration of it. It is nice, ... [ read more and listen ]

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Da Nang "Young"
13/12/2023 sounds from Canada
Sweet and dark "Young" has an irresistible bass sound and a melancholy dressed in 80s clothes. With pleasant ... [ read more and listen ]

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Rykarda Parasol "Get Down with Your Bad Self"
13/12/2023 Sounds from the USA
Dramatic and elegantly epic "Get Down with Your Bad Self" is sustained by a tired and powerful groove ... [ read more and listen ]

  255 visitas 

Sweet Tyger "Lover
13/12/2023 Sounds from the USA
Indie sound and groove, clear and bright sound production. Sweet Tyger presents a bittersweet track with powerful arrangements and an ... [ read more and listen ]

  336 visitas 
Beachdust "Shadow"
13/12/2023 Sounds from the USA
Electro rock, indie and with an eighties atmosphere although with a sound from the 90s. Beachdust flirts with dark and ... [ read more and listen ]

  237 visitas 
Leoblu "dirty windows"
13/12/2023 Aland Islands
Almost an indie lullaby. "Dirty windows" is a dreamy track that lulls the listener into a lull by ... [ read more and listen ]

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Long Distances "Delicate Surrender"
13/12/2023 Sounds from india
El dark de los 80s resurge con grandeza en "Delicate Surrender" aunque Long Distances también le ... [ read more and listen ]

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Batmundo "Transmission"
13/12/2023 Sounds from the USA
Batmundo presenta un track de sonido y dinámicas ambiciosas. "Transmission" groovea un mantra con bombo en ... [ read more and listen ]

  241 visitas 
Family of Light Band "Arm
13/12/2023 Sounds from the USA
The groove swings slowly while the vibe of "Arm's Length" captivates the listener. Dreamy and almost ... [ read more and listen ]

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Valid Blu "The Handbook for a Successful Life"
13/12/2023 Sounds from Germany
Sharp guitars and intricate grooves "The Handbook for a Successful Life" is a surrender to guitar rock. Valid ... [ read more and listen ]

  276 visitas 
Chives McAlister "I Can
29/10/2023 Sounds from USA
This track has a very nice upbeat rhythm, with its powerful interpretation and pure energy it will make you want ... [ read more and listen ]

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Zhaba "The Moist Trail"
29/08/2023 Sounds from Russia
A sax intro leads to a cavernous bass. Zhaba embraces the mystery in "The Moist Trail", a track ... [ read more and listen ]

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Wadaness "The Face"
29/08/2023 Sounds from the USA
Space punk and garage vibe. Wadaness takes up new wave and post punk in "The Face" and adds ... [ read more and listen ]

  430 visitas 
Forgotten Garden "Francesca"
29/08/2023 Sounds from the UK
Epic and mystical come together in "Francesca". Forgotten Garden offers a delicate balance and a deeply organic sound. ... [ read more and listen ]

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Cherub Tree "not yours, never was" (Anthem Edition)
29/08/2023 Sounds from the USA
Energetic and combative, Cherub Tree leads the way with "not yours, never was." A track with punk strength ... [ read more and listen ]

  433 visitas 
Sundozer "100 Lives"
29/08/2023 Sounds from the USA
A great dark atmosphere and some shoegaze. In "100 Lives" Sundozer seems to synthesize The Cure, Joy Division and ... [ read more and listen ]

  448 visitas 
Qwiet Type "Stranger Feelings"
15/08/2023 Sounds from the USA
A cool track, with an eighties spirit. Muted guitars a la Andy Summers, a slightly cascading voice that integrates perfectly ... [ read more and listen ]

  474 visitas 
29 East "So Broke"
15/08/2023 Sounds from Canada
Sweet pop funk, solid and elegant. Precise and organic arrangements and a soulful interpretation. From Canada, 29 East presents itself with & ... [ read more and listen ]

  523 visitas 
Eversame "Warm Flower Sided Road"
15/08/2023 Sounds from Slovakia
Slovakian shoegaze! Eversame builds a bittersweet and emotional vibe on "Warm Flower Sided Road". The bass and ... [ read more and listen ]

  492 visitas 
Beverlee "Balance"
10/08/2023 Sounds from the USA
With a brilliant sounding production Beverlee presents "Balance" an elegantly produced pop track enhanced by risky arrangements and ... [ read more and listen ]

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Boskat "Heresy"
10/08/2023 Siunds from Belgium
Raging funk rock from Belgium. Boskat plays an intense and scratchy hard rock "Heresy". Gritty guitars, punchy, upfront ... [ read more and listen ]

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The Kitchen Collective "Magic Mushroom Pizza"
10/08/2023 Sounds from the USA
A funky party. The Kitchen Collective falls into the magic of the collective music of the 70s. Something glam, something ... [ read more and listen ]

  482 visitas 
Daniel Monte "Time"
10/08/2023 Sounds from Canada
With the spirit of opera rock, solid and elegant "Time" makes use and abuse of dynamics to take ... [ read more and listen ]

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Shaven Primates "Unmasked"
10/08/2023 Sounds from
The atmospheres proposed by Shaven Primates in "Unmasked" refer to the ambitious rock of the 70/80. Definitely progressive and ... [ read more and listen ]

  447 visitas 
Shaven Primates "Fade Away"
10/08/2023 Sounds from
Games with the delay and a galloping base. Superb verses with the voice of a pirate. "Fade Away" ... [ read more and listen ]

  468 visitas 
Jake Huffman "Vampires In Hippie Clothes"
06/07/2023 Sounds from the USA
A perfect mix between reggae groove, polka spirit and folk touch. Jake Huffman unleashes bittersweet and fragile melodies on a ... [ read more and listen ]

  577 visitas 
Lex Maria "Ghosts"
04/07/2023 Sounds from Sweden
Grunge stoner from Sweden, Lex Maria delivers an oppressive and somewhat mysterious track on "Ghosts" with an edgy ... [ read more and listen ]

  571 visitas 
Green Tree Novelty Tea "Ode to the Young Lion, Pt. 1"
04/07/2023 Sounds from the USA
Unsteady and broken, Green Tree Novelty Tea walks on quicksand on "Ode to the Young Lion, Pt. 1" an ... [ read more and listen ]

  470 visitas 
Free Field "Head in a Cloud" (feat. Donny Thurmon)
04/07/2023 Sounds from the USA
An intricate rhythm and a great interplay of guitars and bass is the essence of "Head in a Cloud& ... [ read more and listen ]

  481 visitas 
M4TR (Music 4 The Revolution) "Just Out of Time"
04/07/2023 Sounds from the USA
Quality live rock, with a tight and precise sound M4TR (Music 4 The Revolution) surprises with "Just Out of ... [ read more and listen ]

  588 visitas 
She Made Me Do "It Free Again"
04/07/2023 Sounds from the UK
A fresh and danceable track with the spirit of the 80s new wave and the sound of the 90s. She ... [ read more and listen ]

  472 visitas 
George Solonos "Walking Away"
04/07/2023 Sounds from the USA
A festival of dynamics! George Solonos delivers an elegantly elusive track on "Walking Away". With a surprising fusion ... [ read more and listen ]

  708 visitas 
Verticoli "Genesis"
04/07/2023 Sounds from Australia
... Fecha de publicación: jul 11, 2023 @ 01:22am ... [ read more and listen ]

  562 visitas 
Overdrawn "The Way Things Used To Go"
04/07/2023 Sounds from Malta
Melancholy dominates the sounds and harmonic structures on "The Way Things Used To Go". Overdrawn offers a very ... [ read more and listen ]

  570 visitas 
Mcclendon "Doors Wide Open"
02/06/2023 Sounds from the USA
Dark and intriguing "Doors Wide Open" is like a new wave version of Pink Floyd. McClendon whispers the ... [ read more and listen ]

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The Uneasy "Dangerous Expectations"
01/06/2023 Sounds from the USA
A duo of rhythm and riff that advances like a caterpillar. Suggestive vocalizations and a north dominated by post-punk. The ... [ read more and listen ]

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