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A window to the music that's out there. Alternative, Garage, Indie, Latin, Pop and Psychedelic Rock. Grunge, 90s, classic, krautrock and progressive rock. Read the reviews and join the Spotify playlists News of The World and Seeking Land.

February 2023 Reviews

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Farur "Lonely Idea"
20/02/2023 Sounds from Switzerland
A bit dark and intriguing "Lonely Idea" generates an environment that captivates the listener. Farur presents a bittersweet ... [ read more and listen ]

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Black Stone "Brewers Too Far Gone"
20/02/2023 Sounds from Australia
An epic and mysterious track with a wide groove, full of air. Black Stone sounds powerful and subtle, an irresistible ... [ read more and listen ]

  553 visitas 
McDead "Highway"
20/02/2023 Sounds from Australia
Garage punk, nasty and direct. McDead rocks hard on "Highway" with sharp guitars and a penchant for the ... [ read more and listen ]

  561 visitas 
Tablefox "Mother"
20/02/2023 Sounds from New Zealand
A sea of guitars, waves of chords and a tribal chant to drive the groove. Tablefox traces an ambient, superb ... [ read more and listen ]

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Close to Monday "Nothing to Hide"
20/02/2023 Sounds from Germany
An industrial intro unleashes a dogged groove, with bass notes falling like bombs. Above that dark framework, a sweet voice ... [ read more and listen ]

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Glorybots "Hot Panic"
20/02/2023 Sounds from the USA
A desperate, intense interpretation, a spatial folk that flows from pain. Glorybots mixes darkness with a bittersweet spirit in " ... [ read more and listen ]

  559 visitas 
Tired All The Time "One Big File"
20/02/2023 Sounds from the USA
Tired All The Time features an intense track with great sound and a charmingly haunting vibe. "One Big File& ... [ read more and listen ]

  497 visitas 
James Beastly "Vacant Games"
20/02/2023 Sounds from the USA
A great sound wall turns on the engines in "Vacant Games", a thriving track that excites while inviting ... [ read more and listen ]

  520 visitas 
Ghostbear "Shoegaze Man"
20/02/2023 Sounds from Canada
A lovely intricate riff opens the door. It's just the beginning. Ghostbear plays with the music on "Shoegaze ... [ read more and listen ]

  526 visitas 
Half Shell "Too Many Wrongs to Right"
19/02/2023 Sounds from the USA
Intriguing and darkly epic "Too Many Wrongs to Right" unsettles the listener, then captivates them with an expansive, ... [ read more and listen ]

  388 visitas 
Motionsick "Encrypted"
19/02/2023 Sounds from Austria
A sharp riff on a grunge base and a galloping drum groove. A distorted bass line and a sweet, rough, ... [ read more and listen ]

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Deltawelle "Normalitätsvermessung"
19/02/2023 Sounds from Germany
A cosmic journey with a post-punk soundtrack. A spicy funk-punk and a melodramatic voice. Deltawelle ponders a cocktail of influences ... [ read more and listen ]

  491 visitas 
Mcclendon "The Garden"
19/02/2023 Sounds from the USA
Deliciously dark and epic "The Garden" rocks the listener with a subtly thumping groove. McClendon offers quality pop ... [ read more and listen ]

  438 visitas 
Futureheaven "Tides
19/02/2023 Sounds from Australia
Post punk dark shines in top form on "Tides". Futureheaven arrives with a luminous song inheriting the path ... [ read more and listen ]

  472 visitas 
Dave Gahan & The Raveonettes & Kurt Uenala "Chains"
19/02/2023 Sounds from United Kingdom and Iceland
The industrial electronic dark pop characteristic of Dave Gahan's career finds new partners in this release together with The ... [ read more and listen ]

  446 visitas 
Jonathan Sparks "Surrender"
19/02/2023 Sounds from the USA
A tense groove and an intense interpretation. Jonathan Sparks leaves his soul in "Surrender" a track that combines ... [ read more and listen ]

  455 visitas 
Holden Laurence "Antiques"
19/02/2023 Sounds from the USA
A soft and epic melody makes its way into a mysterious musical framework, something epic and subtly psychedelic. The intro ... [ read more and listen ]

  454 visitas 

Vegas No.8 "Bewitched Doll"
19/02/2023 Sounds from Germany
Cool and groovy, a great guitar riffing and a deep bass sound. Vegas No.8 displays good melodies on an acid ... [ read more and listen ]

  420 visitas 
John Fishell "Roads" (Live)
13/02/2023 Sounds from the USA
John Fishell's deep voice sets the tone on "Roads", a track with elements of vintage and grunge ... [ read more and listen ]

  453 visitas 
Jembrela "Putnik"
13/02/2023 Sounds from Croatia
Thriving and danceable post-punk. Jembrela colors different turns of the same melodic motif with different intensities in "Putnik". ... [ read more and listen ]

  506 visitas 
Miki Dollarude "Meat Man"
13/02/2023 Sounds from the UK
A bit grunge and a bit Beatlesque Miki Dollarude navigates between two worlds on "Meat Man". The 90s ... [ read more and listen ]

  470 visitas 
The Ability "Time Travel"
13/02/2023 Sounds from the USA
Furrowing the space "Time Travel" advances with a fresh and powerful sound. The Ability offers an elegant and ... [ read more and listen ]

  532 visitas 
Leoblu "Cake"
13/02/2023 Sounds from Alan Island
Captivating and intriguing "Cake" resonates with every measure of a fast-paced beat. A simple and exciting voice recounts ... [ read more and listen ]

  569 visitas 
Ivan Utkin "Shame"
13/02/2023 Sounds from Argentina
An intriguing, trippy and somewhat funky groove, with a Spanish twist. Sliding phrases and a chorus loaded with mystery. Ivan ... [ read more and listen ]

  502 visitas 
Jim Pohlson "Save Yourself"
13/02/2023 Sounds from the USA
With a progressive spirit and a spatial mood, Jim Pohlson releases the chords of "Save Yourself", an epic ... [ read more and listen ]

  509 visitas 
Frau "Shoreline"
13/02/2023 Sounds from Denmark
Cultivators of an energetic and quality pop rock Frau surprises from Denmark. With dynamics and ambitious sections, "Shoreline" ... [ read more and listen ]

  524 visitas 
MP Grey & Rudiger "Different Views"
13/02/2023 Sounds from the USA
Vibrant and somewhat exotic "Different Views" mixes sound elements from the 80s with the shoegaze spirit. Lots of ... [ read more and listen ]

  519 visitas 
Long Distances "Empire"
09/02/2023 Sounds from India
With a shoegaze mood "Empire" bursts in with a wall of modulated guitars and a sweet voice ... [ read more and listen ]

  567 visitas 
Salty River "Wait For Me"
09/02/2023 Sounds from Cyprus
With a grunge spirit, Salty River offers a track loaded with dust and sharp guitars. "Wait For Me" ... [ read more and listen ]

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Gerald Slevin "Agnostic About You"
09/02/2023 Sounds from the USA
A melancholic funk with a great bass sound and a chorus that explodes in melodies. Gerald Slevin offers good dynamics ... [ read more and listen ]

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