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A window to the music that's out there. Alternative, Garage, Indie, Latin, Pop and Psychedelic Rock. Grunge, 90s, classic, krautrock and progressive rock. Read the reviews and join the Spotify playlists News of The World and Seeking Land.

August 2022 Reviews

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Joe Macre "Tomorrow Is Today"
25/08/2022 Sounds from the USA
Powerful and elegant "Tomorrow Is Today" follows the paths of new wave with lines reminiscent of Duran Duran ... [ read more and listen ]

  817 visitas 
Silent Arrows "Right Now"
25/08/2022 Sounds from Colombia
Action and rhythm, tension and drama, Silent Arrows tames different elements to deliver a powerful and overwhelming track. "Right ... [ read more and listen ]

  672 visitas 
Raising Ravens "At the Mercy of the Sky"
25/08/2022 Sounds from Australia
A heavy groove, a sound linked to the desert, a certain epic and some darkness. "At the Mercy of ... [ read more and listen ]

  622 visitas 
Takeaways "45 Degrees"
25/08/2022 Sounds from Germany
A fast-paced groove and a spirit of speed and adrenaline. "45 Degrees" pushes with overwhelming energy and captivating melodies. ... [ read more and listen ]

  577 visitas 
Johnny Latebloom "Latebloom The Coooolest ?Æ’ On The Planet"
25/08/2022 Sounds from Germany
The freshness of new wave seems to revive in the spirit of "Latebloom The Coolest ?ƒ On The Planet& ... [ read more and listen ]

  786 visitas 

Frantic "Head Above Water"
25/08/2022 Sounds from Switzerland
The post-punk and new wave sound emerges in full form on "Head Above Water", a danceable track but ... [ read more and listen ]

  798 visitas 
Space of a Day "Future #1"
25/08/2022 Sounds from the USA
A cascading bass line, brilliant acoustic rhythm guitar and a fast-paced groove. "Future #1" wields dreamy dynamics with a ... [ read more and listen ]

  581 visitas 
Buggmode "I Am Volcano"
25/08/2022 Sounds from the USA
A stubborn base of bass and drums, a sharp riff like a buzz. Buggmode throws out verses on "I ... [ read more and listen ]

  568 visitas 
Zetra "Float"
25/08/2022 Sounds from United Kingdom
Music that flows like a raging ocean, "Float" links melody and sound textures with a chill voice that ... [ read more and listen ]

  885 visitas 
Atomic Bronco "Get You Off My Mind"
25/08/2022 Sounds from the USA
New wave's dark post-punk presence resurfaces on "Get You Off My Mind". A direct track, captivating and ... [ read more and listen ]

  616 visitas 
Forest Zero "How To Love A Flower"
25/08/2022 Sounds from Poland
A modern sound that incorporates idioms and elements of post punk to a somewhat melancholic atmosphere. "How To Love ... [ read more and listen ]

  613 visitas 

Slipped off Silk "Underground"
25/08/2022 Sounds from the USA
A warm and urgent track, "Underground" is a sound polaroid of the change of life that means the ... [ read more and listen ]

  592 visitas 
Matte Blvck "Midnight & Angel"
25/08/2022 Sounds from the USA
Dark and melancholic electronica, captivating, in the vein of Depeche Mode and the dark gothic spirit of the 80s. " ... [ read more and listen ]

  593 visitas 
Alta Falls "The Space In Between"
25/08/2022 Sounds from Australia
A smooth ride with echoes of the 80s. "The Space In Between" is a song to listen to ... [ read more and listen ]

  773 visitas 
Lines In The Sky "Abysmal Situations"
25/08/2022 Sounds from the USA
An intense slap and a broken groove give way to a sharp guitar. Lines In The Sky surprises with ... [ read more and listen ]

  780 visitas 
Max Fantin "Free My Head"
25/08/2022 Sounds from United Kingdom
A fine cross between the folk vibe and the reggae pulse. Max Fantin develops the dynamics of "Free My ... [ read more and listen ]

  591 visitas 

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