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A window to the music that's out there. Alternative, Garage, Indie, Latin, Pop and Psychedelic Rock. Grunge, 90s, classic, krautrock and progressive rock. Read the reviews and join the Spotify playlist News of The World

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July 2022 Reviews

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Rubi Ate the Fig "The Tent"
28/07/2022 Sounds from the USA
Expansive and captivating psychedelia. "The Tent" is a journey inside a kaleidoscope. Rubi Ate the Fig sounds organic ... [ read more and listen ]

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SNOO "afterdark"
28/07/2022 Sounds from Australia
A playful track with an interesting rhythm and delicious harmonies. SNOO's sound is very organically personal and on " ... [ read more and listen ]

  960 visitas 
Tralala "Winded"
28/07/2022 Sounds from the USA
Dark and mysterious but at the same time subtly familiar. "Winded" envelops the listener in a somewhat apocalyptic ... [ read more and listen ]

  1209 visitas 
28/07/2022 Sounds from Spain
L´Ultim Europeu cultivates a luminous rock with a garage spirit and a 90s vibe. "A l´ ... [ read more and listen ]

  892 visitas 
Greg Hoy "Carry Me Back Home"
28/07/2022 Sounds from the USA
Post punk pulse, garage spirit and the vibe of the 80s. "Carry Me Back Home" is a friendly ... [ read more and listen ]

  981 visitas 

Starfire "Starfire"
28/07/2022 Sounds from the USA
Epic and martial, Starfire treads the progressive paths of 70/80s guitar and piano rock and succeeds brilliantly. The organic sound ... [ read more and listen ]

  926 visitas 
Das Phaedrus "Turkish and Domestic"
28/07/2022 Sounds from New Zealand
A sonorous barrage, somewhat chaotic and a little psychedelic. Das Phaedrus presents an alarming state of affairs in "Turkish ... [ read more and listen ]

  1175 visitas 
Lily Frost "Medicine"
28/07/2022 Sounds from Canada
Wonderfully dark and captivating "Medicine" is a gripping tale. Lily Frost builds an emotive sound architecture with an ... [ read more and listen ]

  1038 visitas 
Attendant "Blockade"
28/07/2022 Sounds from United Kingdom
Sonic grunge is alive! Attendant unleashes a wall of creamy guitars and a stubborn groove on "Blockade". Winks ... [ read more and listen ]

  1033 visitas 
Animate "Filling Your Void"
25/07/2022 Sounds from Italy
From minor to major Animate immerses you in its classic rock atmosphere with cosmic elements. "Filling Your Void" ... [ read more and listen ]

  848 visitas 
Hummingbird "Home"
25/07/2022 Sounds from
... ... [ read more and listen ]

  879 visitas 

Bitter Coast "The Offering" & "Jelly"
25/07/2022 Sounds from the USA
Bitter Coast shows two facets of its musical proposal, a melodic rock with rough guitars and rhythmic bases close to ... [ read more and listen ]

  985 visitas 
Bennett Hughes "Here´s To All"
25/07/2022 Sounds from the USA
Edgy guitars and bittersweet interpretation. "Here's To All" has a subtle dark vibe and a dramatic spirit. ... [ read more and listen ]

  923 visitas 
Donkey Kid "The Girl Outside"
25/07/2022 Sounds from Germany
Melancholy and minimalism and a melodic imprint linked to the 90s. From Germany Donkey Kid surprises with the intimate " ... [ read more and listen ]

  925 visitas 
611 Shapeless "Blue Bird"
25/07/2022 Sounds from Israel
Riffs with delay and an urban groove, a pop rock dressed with psychedelic elements. "Blue Bird" flies high ... [ read more and listen ]

  916 visitas 
Wez Richmond "All Bets are Off"
25/07/2022 Sounds from United Kingdom
A mysteriously subtle song. "All Bets are Off" has an old-fashioned feel, like it's from the 60s. ... [ read more and listen ]

  1061 visitas 
Blinker the Star "Touch"
25/07/2022 Sounds from Canada
An eighties piano intro and a two-voice performance on a martial rhythm. Blinker the Star elevates pop rock with elegance. & ... [ read more and listen ]

  1211 visitas 

Outside Effect "Inbetween"
25/07/2022 Sounds from the USA
A great drum groove gives way to a sharp and powerful riff. Outside Effect decks himself out in the best ... [ read more and listen ]

  840 visitas 
the eight five two "Shiver"
25/07/2022 Sounds from Australia
A track suspended in the air, like a cloud. "Shiver" evolves in the repetition of a very emotional ... [ read more and listen ]

  933 visitas 
Night Hymns "Araby"
25/07/2022 Sounds from Canada
Cheerful and festive, "Araby" invites you to take a walk in the sun. Night Hymns sounds organic and ... [ read more and listen ]

  908 visitas 
Sergio Napoletano "Memory Aisle"
25/07/2022 Sounds from the USA
Folky, chill and sweet. "Memory Aisle" sounds like a desert, it sounds like a sunny afternoon with dust ... [ read more and listen ]

  932 visitas 
Mike Goodspeed "Why So Serious"
25/07/2022 Sounds from the USA
Mike Goodspeed presents a twisted and playful bass line, pure musical enjoyment. "Why So Serious" comes and goes, ... [ read more and listen ]

  962 visitas 
Blanker "Your Club Is Whack And No One Likes You"
25/07/2022 Sounds from the USA
Crushed guitars and a frenetic rhythm. Blanker sings with class and elegance in "Your Club Is Whack And No ... [ read more and listen ]

  969 visitas 
Capital Theatre "Fait Accompli"
25/07/2022 Sounds from New Zealand
A furious gallop, flaming guitars and relentless drumming. Capital Theater raises the flag of guitar rock with passionate lyrics and ... [ read more and listen ]

  879 visitas 
Paint in the Dark "Mind on Disaster"
25/07/2022 Sounds from the USA
A dense, heavy, muddy atmosphere. Paint in the Dark presents a psychedelic blues rock that seems to mix the spirits ... [ read more and listen ]

  858 visitas 
Ben Shelly "What A Crime"
23/07/2022 Sounds from the USA
An intense track with classic roots and a very modern sound, with arrangements that fuse styles and a very marked ... [ read more and listen ]

  1019 visitas 
Yon Fallow Green "Together Now"
23/07/2022 Sounds from the USA
Folky and bittersweet, Yon Fallow Green presents a dark tone on "Together Now", a track reminiscent of R. ... [ read more and listen ]

  880 visitas 
Trauma Cat "Tsai Shen"
23/07/2022 Sounds from the USA
Moving and intriguing "Tsai Shen" is a hypnotic track in which the 80s resonate with a point of ... [ read more and listen ]

  862 visitas 
Lines In The Sky "Insight"
23/07/2022 Sounds from the USA
Bloody rock, galloping drums, sharp bass and edgy guitars. "Insight" takes up the spirit of progressive rock from ... [ read more and listen ]

  820 visitas 
Ceyeo "Broken"
23/07/2022 Sounds from the USA
With a post-punk spirit and a certain melancholic joy "Broken" slowly creates an atmosphere. And in the chorus ... [ read more and listen ]

  927 visitas 
Tear Keeper "Ghoul"
23/07/2022 Sounds from the USA
Rock with class, a great handling of voices and good metal root arrangements. "Ghoul" explodes in a chorus ... [ read more and listen ]

  871 visitas 
Nutrients "Window Seat"
23/07/2022 Sounds from Canada
A cool groove and instrumentation, "Window Seat" is a fresh track loaded with smooth, virtuosic energy. Nutrients weaves ... [ read more and listen ]

  908 visitas 
Martin Hammar "Stay the Night"
23/07/2022 Sounds from Sweden
Supertramp's progressive rock flies over in "Stay the Night" a great song that takes up the spirit ... [ read more and listen ]

  808 visitas 
Jamie Penner "The Journey"
23/07/2022 Sounds from Canada
Space rock, with great atmospheres and the spirit of the progressive of the 70s/80s. "The Journey" takes ... [ read more and listen ]

  998 visitas 
Crystalator "Nation State"
23/07/2022 Sounds from New Zealand
The spirit of the 90s expands in "Nation State" with a vibrant and ethereal sound. Some shoegaze and ... [ read more and listen ]

  794 visitas 
Nocturnal Animals "Dancing In The Blood"
23/07/2022 Sounds from Australia
A kind of tribal and oriental ska, in counterpoint, "Dancing In The Blood" invites you to exotic dance. ... [ read more and listen ]

  789 visitas 
World Government "Lucky"
23/07/2022 Sounds from Cyprus
A drone atmosphere, with synthesizer textures and a sparkling and cosmic voice. Spatial arpeggios and an expansive dynamic. "Lucky& ... [ read more and listen ]

  915 visitas 
Asteroid Spy "Stratosphere"
23/07/2022 Sounds from the USA
A great riff, minimalist but captivating, and a 100% rock voice open the door on "Stratosphere", a track that ... [ read more and listen ]

  836 visitas 
Eric Lewis "Little White Lies"
23/07/2022 Sounds from the USA
Indie rock with classic roots achieves a gem with "Little White Lies". A track with a post-punk essence ... [ read more and listen ]

  819 visitas 
Engine Room "Wizards"
23/07/2022 Sounds from Australia
An overwhelming riff reminiscent of Pappo's "Sucio y Desprolijo". But in "Wizards" Engine Room adds ... [ read more and listen ]

  824 visitas 
Kater "Masquerade"
23/07/2022 Sounds from Germany
A great sound wall built with complex rhythms and sharp riffs. "Masquerade" grabs attention with compressed tension that ... [ read more and listen ]

  785 visitas 
Thorntail "Wolf"
18/07/2022 Sounds from Perú
With a vibe closely linked to the early 80s "Wolf" sounds like a Yes work but with Latin ... [ read more and listen ]

  763 visitas 
Will & Wits "Full Moon"
18/07/2022 Sounds from Russia
A massive wall of guitars and galloping drums. Above all, a relaxed and somewhat melancholy voice completes the scene. Elements ... [ read more and listen ]

  916 visitas 
The Backfires "Song 55"
18/07/2022 Sounds from the USA
The Backfires seem to unite the best of 80s post-punk dark with 90s post-grunge melancholy on "Song 55". With ... [ read more and listen ]

  952 visitas 
Sound "Shadows"
18/07/2022 Sounds from the USA
A rock groove, a guitar with an eighties spirit and a rough voice, with just the right amount of dirt. ... [ read more and listen ]

  873 visitas 
Alexis Perry "Memory of a Car Wreck"
18/07/2022 Sounds from the USA
Post-punk with a garage spirit. Rough and smooth, with a passionate and definitely sweetly rocking voice. Alexis Perry explores the ... [ read more and listen ]

  903 visitas 
Moxie And The Nobodies "Epiphany Dad" & "Dancing In A Nuclear Wasteland"
18/07/2022 Sounds from Australia
Psychedelia and the absurd go hand in hand in the mashups of Moxie And The Nobodies. "Epiphany Dad" ... [ read more and listen ]

  1033 visitas 
Souls Extolled "Sweet GLow"
18/07/2022 Sounds from the USA
70s progressive psychedelia meets 80s spirit on "Sweet GLow". Twangy guitars, a certain darkness and drama in the ... [ read more and listen ]

  908 visitas 
Wodan Boys "So Damn Much"
18/07/2022 Sounds from Netherlands
Sharp rock, with thriving energy and a festive spirit, although somewhat dark. "So Damn Much" is driven ... [ read more and listen ]

  937 visitas 
Cinemartyr "Terms And Conditions"
18/07/2022 Sounds from the USA
Banging on cellar doors, "Terms And Conditions" begins with overwhelming intensity. A fabled darkness, somewhat mechanical and a ... [ read more and listen ]

  1107 visitas 
Prince Bishop "Roman Roads"
18/07/2022 Sounds from United Kingdom
A moving and captivating track, Prince Bishop adds progressive elements of the 80s and the melancholy of grunge of the 90 ... [ read more and listen ]

  818 visitas 
Bennett Hughes "Kick Ton"
18/07/2022 Sounds from the USA
An irregular rhythm and guitar hits here and there. Bennett Hughes launches his verses as a speech. Intense and disruptive & ... [ read more and listen ]

  1048 visitas 
NITE "Good Boy"
18/07/2022 Sounds from the USA
Danceable post punk, a bit dark and a bit industrial, but with a vibe fit for a rock-heavy basement dance ... [ read more and listen ]

  785 visitas 
Drop Top Alibi "Dylsong"
18/07/2022 Sounds from the USA
Heavy and grunge, pasty, dense guitars. In the school of grunge that emerged from Seattle, "Dylsong" takes up ... [ read more and listen ]

  793 visitas 
ATMIG "Fine Days"
18/07/2022 Sounds from the USA
Relaxed, minimal, with a folk vibe, "Fine Days" recalls the best of R.E.M. but also to ... [ read more and listen ]

  879 visitas 
Sunfish "Used To Be"
18/07/2022 Sounds from the USA
Hard rock with sharp riffs and grunge spirit. Sunfish sounds forceful on "Used To Be" with fluid dynamics ... [ read more and listen ]

  815 visitas 
Bison Face "Mallrats"
18/07/2022 Sounds from the United Kingdom
A two-sided grunge song, with watery Pixies-esque sections and raging verses in the vein of Nirvana. Bison Face releases all ... [ read more and listen ]

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