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A window to the music that's out there. Alternative, Garage, Indie, Latin, Pop and Psychedelic Rock. Grunge, 90s, classic, krautrock and progressive rock. Read the reviews and join the Spotify playlist News of The World

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February 2022 Reviews

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Elephant Castle "Quicksand"
25/02/2022 Sounds from the USA
A playful riff, a somewhat funky groove and a performance full of soul. Elephant Castle sounds splendid on "Quicksand& ... [ read more and listen ]

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Twin Dive "Only Eyes"
25/02/2022 Sounds from Denmark
Rough and heavy, "Only Eyes" surges like a behemoth out of control until it enters an arid float ... [ read more and listen ]

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SPRINTS "Little Fix"
25/02/2022 Sounds from Ireland
Grunge and surf seem to mix their essences in "Little Fix", a track full of post-punk attitude and ... [ read more and listen ]

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Professor Caffeine and the Insecurities "Wolf Fang Fist!"
25/02/2022 Sounds from the USA
Professor Caffeine and the Insecurities hits from the first second on "Wolf Fang Fist!". A high energy track ... [ read more and listen ]

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Matthew Liam Nicholson "The Worm Turns"
25/02/2022 Sounds from Australia
A liquid, dreamy soundscape is sung with familiar and intimate melodies. In "The Worm Turns" Matthew Liam Nicholson ... [ read more and listen ]

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Syndrom Samazvanca "Novy kosmas"
25/02/2022 Sounds from Belarus
A hyperkinetic groove, a deep sound and a post-punk attitude. Syndrom Samazvanca freely experiments in "Novy kosmas" ... [ read more and listen ]

  982 visitas 
Scheflan "Follow Your Darkness"
25/02/2022 Sounds from Israel
An epic metal cut with a very organic sound, stoner-grunge vibe with quality arrangements and a mix that allows you ... [ read more and listen ]

  979 visitas 
Bellwether "Mild Hearts"
25/02/2022 Sounds from the USA
An introspective ballad with a rough groove and dirty sound. A melancholic melody and a dynamic heir to grunge.  ... [ read more and listen ]

  943 visitas 
Love A.M. "Pointless"
25/02/2022 Sounds from Austria
Electro rock with a strong post punk vibe. Low and deep voices and a guitar riff with eighties effects. With ... [ read more and listen ]

  956 visitas 
First Frontier "Edging"
25/02/2022 Sounds from UK
With a tribal rhythm and a post-punk vibe guitar, the First Frontier flirt with a pop-punk reminiscent of the spirit ... [ read more and listen ]

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Leave Spell "Atlas Obscura"
25/02/2022 Sounds from the USA
... ... [ read more and listen ]

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Possum Belly "Not Crazy"
25/02/2022 Sounds from the USA
Something mystical and martial "Not Crazy" has a hard rhythm as its backbone, with an explosive snare drum. ... [ read more and listen ]

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Sons Of Venus "I´m Way Out There"
25/02/2022 Sounds from the USA
A mid tempo track, volatile, ethereal with placid melodies. "I'm Way Out There" is a soft and ... [ read more and listen ]

  1060 visitas 
Bad Athlete "Scream Queens"
25/02/2022 Sounds from the USA
A pop that mixes the style of the 50s with a sharp sound inherited from post-punk. "Scream Queens" ... [ read more and listen ]

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SACRED "Albatross"
25/02/2022 Sounds from the USA
A tense and solid heavy metal/grunge/stoner track. Sacred clenches her fists and teeth tightly in "Albatross", ... [ read more and listen ]

  954 visitas 
Etienne Machine "1088"
25/02/2022 Sounds fro Switzerland
Martial and epic loades with oriental vibes and ethereal voices that carry an ancient atmosphere. Etienne Machine sounds very organic ... [ read more and listen ]

  995 visitas 
Jonah Leatherman "Strings"
25/02/2022 Sounds from the USA
A rousing bass line and a blistering groove give way to an intimate melody that culminates in an intense chorus. ... [ read more and listen ]

  920 visitas 

Gone Sugar Die "Bombshell (Kiss & Tell)"
25/02/2022 Sounds from the USA
A creamy modern guitar base, a post-punk groove and a melancholy melody. "Bombshell (Kiss & Tell)"  ... [ read more and listen ]

  1499 visitas 
A Lens to the Sun "The Machine"
21/02/2022 Sounds from the USA
An intriguing intro, a solid groove and overwhelming dynamics. A Lens to the Sun moves second by second in " ... [ read more and listen ]

  1607 visitas 
The Saturn Cycle "Never Ending"
21/02/2022 Sounds from the USA
A great hard rock riff on synthesizers layer that non-stop refers to the 80s. On top of that vibe, ... [ read more and listen ]

  1976 visitas 
Mike´s Wilson "The Bitter End"
21/02/2022 Sounds from the USA
A lively song although somewhat bittersweet. Mike´s Wilson sounds honest and direct in "The Bitter End" ... [ read more and listen ]

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Nite Tides "Time"
21/02/2022 Sounds from the USA
A great melodic and dynamic musical work. "Time" adds influences from the 70s, the Beatles and a subtle ... [ read more and listen ]

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Souls Extolled "Sweet GLow"
21/02/2022 Sounds from the USA
With a psychedelic and spatial vibe "Sweet GLow" evolves towards a progressive terrain loaded with a dramatic interpretation. ... [ read more and listen ]

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Mako Bron "Unravel"
21/02/2022 Sounds from Australia
Top notch post punk, with depth and just the right amount of darkness. Mako Bron seems to connect with the ... [ read more and listen ]

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Last Letters "Waggy"
21/02/2022 Sounds from the USA
Punk attitude and hard core vibe. "Waggy" is a track of deeply emotional melodies and searing energy. Last ... [ read more and listen ]

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Dub Boat "Who´s Got the Fire"
21/02/2022 Sounds from the USA
With an organic reggae sound and intensely dynamic vocal work, Dub Boat presents the captivating "Who's Got the ... [ read more and listen ]

  852 visitas 
The Carbons "Sheepskin"
21/02/2022 Sounds from Canada
A bouncy bass line and a high load of rock. The Carbons unleash a passionate rendition on "Sheepskin", ... [ read more and listen ]

  972 visitas 
Griffin Winton "Leave You Later"
17/02/2022 Sounds from USA
An optimistic but somewhat melancholic pop, with a vocal interpretation inherited from folk and an urban groove anchored in post-punk ... [ read more and listen ]

  898 visitas 
Delespine "Sun"
17/02/2022 Sounds from USA
A wall of sound of shoegaze vibe and ethereal melodies that flow like waves. Delespine shows a modern, ambient, warm ... [ read more and listen ]

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1sland (One Island) "Get Easier"
17/02/2022 Sounds from Canada
A pop-rock with a touch of reggae and a touch of California style. From Canada 1sland (One Island) surprises with & ... [ read more and listen ]

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Damn Renegades "Conscience"
17/02/2022 Sounds from USA
Damn Renegades plays hard rock with a grunge spirit and strong conviction. "Conscience" is an urgent track ... [ read more and listen ]

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Mount Mural "Sickboy"
17/02/2022 Sounds from Canada
An ethereal atmosphere contrasts with an exalted groove. Mount Mural paints a soundscape in "Sickboy" halfway between daydream ... [ read more and listen ]

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17/02/2022 Sounds from Germany
As space riders IXZHILION moves at high speed in "ANKIMILION". An intense track reminiscent of Led Zeppelin projected ... [ read more and listen ]

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The Twin Doors "The Nether Calls"
17/02/2022 Sounds from Sweden
Blues rock with elegance and sensuality. The Twin Doors dominate the material and in "The Nether Calls" they ... [ read more and listen ]

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ttypes "Rock Bottom in Shanghai"
17/02/2022 Sounds from USA
The 60s live in top form in "Rock Bottom in Shanghai", a track with a happy groove, stripped ... [ read more and listen ]

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Wes Anderson x The Palmer Squares x Unksta "Do As You Feel"
17/02/2022 Sounds from USA
Funk and hip-hop marry perfectly in "Do As You Feel", a fully urban track with psychedelic ramifications. The ... [ read more and listen ]

  1010 visitas 
La Need Machine "La Need Machine"
03/02/2022 Sounds from the USA
Waves of grunge and a stripped back, relaxed voice with echoes of Blondie. A busy base and sonic dynamics with ... [ read more and listen ]

  1204 visitas 
Bikelane "Orange"
03/02/2022 Sounds from Norway
Energetic and vibrant, "Orange" delivers a grunge dynamic and a sound that refers in part to the Velvet ... [ read more and listen ]

  952 visitas 
Rugan Lewis "Safe Inside This Huddle"
03/02/2022 Sounds from the USA
With a pulse of blues rock and a sound linked to the crossing of the 80s with the 90s, Rugan ... [ read more and listen ]

  927 visitas 
Koalra "The Fires Burned"
03/02/2022 Sounds from the USA
A crushing groove and a sharp guitar generate a devastating atmosphere. Koalra launches at full power on "The Fires ... [ read more and listen ]

  1201 visitas 
The Empty Mirrors "Superstar After Dark"
03/02/2022 Sounds from Finland
Melodies thrown like in a conversation on a groove of pop minimalism. Definitely captivating. "Superstar After Dark" goes ... [ read more and listen ]

  1396 visitas 
Varada "Fue (Edit)"
03/02/2022 Sounds from Venezuela
Una pincelada musical, algo psicodélica, algo shoegaze "Fue" recuerda por partes iguales a Pink Floyd, Soda ... [ read more and listen ]

  950 visitas 
Seabreather x Lisette Lowe x Hereafter "Marrying the Moonlight"
03/02/2022 Sounds from the USA
With a bombastic sound "Marrying the Moonlight" seems to sail a rough sea. The Seabreather produced song ... [ read more and listen ]

  939 visitas 
Morningless "Until The End"
03/02/2022 Sounds from Switzerland
Bright and lively "Until The End" is a colloquial psychedelic song. With a country touch and Sunday melodies, ... [ read more and listen ]

  969 visitas 
Esuna "Don´t Open That Envelope"
03/02/2022 Sounds from UK
A riff with oriental flashes and a base of heavy walking. Esuna plays with a growing dynamic and a lot ... [ read more and listen ]

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Gentlemen´s Crow "Quandary"
01/02/2022 Sounds from the USA
A post-punk vibe cut, vigorous and eclectic. Gentlemen´s Crow manages a crazy dynamic in "Quandary" with ... [ read more and listen ]

  978 visitas 
Transmission Lost "Let You Go"
01/02/2022 Sounds from the USA
A dramatic piano and voice intro sets the mood. Transmission Lost navigates bittersweet waters on "Let You Go." ... [ read more and listen ]

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Gatsby "Damned if you do"
01/02/2022 Sounds from Denmark
A blast of energy! with a guitar of particular sound Gatsby paves the way for "Damned if you do& ... [ read more and listen ]

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Free Field "Rendlesham"
01/02/2022 Sounds from the USA
Good old blues rock with a stoner/70s spirit. Free Field stomps a "Rendlesham" with a vocal phrasing ... [ read more and listen ]

  1029 visitas 
1st Base Runner "WXW"
01/02/2022 Sounds from the USA
With a deep bass, a distant groove and hypnotic strings, "WXW" sounds like music traveling through pipes. The ... [ read more and listen ]

  1117 visitas 
Fleck Projector "Phoenix"
01/02/2022 Sounds from Canada
With a massive audio of 80s spirit and modern sonority, "Phoenix" sounds like the soundtrack of an astronaut ... [ read more and listen ]

  894 visitas 
Age Of Wire "Write Your Name Down"
01/02/2022 Sounds from UK
With a nod to the cassette era and a sound based on the 80s Age Of Wire thrills from the ... [ read more and listen ]

  1024 visitas 
Alex Roumanidakis "Circles"
01/02/2022 Sounds from the USA
An eclectic track, somewhat progressive, with influences from post-punk and hard rock, but also from Latin and Eastern music. Something ... [ read more and listen ]

  1541 visitas 
Fat Boy Delirium "Antihero"
01/02/2022 Sounds from Germany
Hard rock with a punk spirit, a hot sound and room for subtlety. Fat Boy Delirium hammers the beat on & ... [ read more and listen ]

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