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A window to the music that's out there. Alternative, Garage, Indie, Latin, Pop and Psychedelic Rock. Grunge, 90s, classic, krautrock and progressive rock. Read the reviews and join the Spotify playlist News of The World

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January 2022 Reviews

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Fahrenheit 5G "The Old Man"
29/01/2022 Sounds from Austria
Fahrenheit 5G arrives from Bulgaria with a very particular energy that at times reminds of Rush. "The Old ... [ read more and listen ]

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Vision Arcade "Tie-Dye"
29/01/2022 Sounds from the USA
A band that sounds consistent, with its own tone and foolproof dynamics. "Tie-Dye" sports a post-punk energy influenced ... [ read more and listen ]

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Sonofold "Father Father"
29/01/2022 Sounds from South Africa
From South Africa Sonofold surprises with a combination of styles that nevertheless sounds very personal. "Father Father" sounds ... [ read more and listen ]

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Meyru "I´d Ask...But I Know You´re Alright"
29/01/2022 Sounds from the USA
An indie ballad, calm, with a cool groove. Whispered lyrics and a restless guitar that colors here and there. " ... [ read more and listen ]

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VER · NOVUM "À La Mode"
29/01/2022 Sounds from the USA
A mysterious and minimalist intro sets the mood. Later "À La Mode" expands without abandoning the mystique. A ... [ read more and listen ]

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Bad Penny "K.Y.S."
29/01/2022 Sounds from Netherlands
Punk vibe, indie sensibility and bittersweet grunge flavor. All of that fits in "K.Y.S." a fresh ... [ read more and listen ]

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Fahrenheit 5G "Zeit"
29/01/2022 Sounds from Austria
The 80s are in full swing on "Zeit", the sound and arrangements mark a profound influence on Fahrenheit 5 ... [ read more and listen ]

  1102 visitas 
Bunko "Small Talk"
29/01/2022 Sounds from the USA
With a strong post-punk influence, Bunko immerses itself in a criticism of the light talk, the nonsense content that invades ... [ read more and listen ]

  1094 visitas 
Garage Rodeo "Just a Sign Away"
29/01/2022 Sounds from the USA
Hot, dusty desert images come to mind with the opening chords of "Just a Sign Away". A subtle ... [ read more and listen ]

  1364 visitas 
Gorky "Action Pants"
24/01/2022 Sounds from the USA
Fresh and superb, "Action Pants" is a jet of petulant energy. Gorky mixes post-punk with the most pop ... [ read more and listen ]

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Unzane "Test of Time"
24/01/2022 Sounds from Puerto Rico
A groove like a steamroller, vibrant melodies and epic lyrics. Unzane sounds like medieval metal in "Test of Time& ... [ read more and listen ]

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First Frontier "Break Away"
24/01/2022 Sounds from UK
The wonder duo did it again! First Frontier wields an explosive energy of elegant rusticity. "Break Away" brings ... [ read more and listen ]

  1072 visitas 
Scooped up "Dislexic"
24/01/2022 Sounds from the USA
Agile and melodic punk rock with a very fresh garage sound. "Dislexic" is a round work in just 1 ... [ read more and listen ]

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Karcius "Parasite"
24/01/2022 Sounds from Canada
A track that rises from the depths, a clenched-toothed energy and a crooner-of-the-dark vocal style. Karcius hits hard with " ... [ read more and listen ]

  1161 visitas 
Quiet Hollers "Atheist
24/01/2022 Sounds from the USA
Almost a first class soft rock and psychedelic anthem. Quiet Hollers manages a very subtle dynamic with exquisite instrumental arrangements. & ... [ read more and listen ]

  1069 visitas 
Sonic Acrylic "Alternates"
24/01/2022 Sounds from the USA
Something post-punk, something disco always with a high vibe. "Alternates" has a haughty lyric that is allowed to ... [ read more and listen ]

  1150 visitas 
Shedonist "There You Go"
24/01/2022 Sounds from the USA
Melancholic, intimate and direct "There You Go" pushes forward without abandon. Shedonist is reminiscent of The Cure at ... [ read more and listen ]

  1076 visitas 

Amberstein "Human"
24/01/2022 Sounds from the USA
A bit mystical and quite epic "Human" sounds strong and with conviction. Amberstein shows a hard rock with ... [ read more and listen ]

  1094 visitas 
17/01/2022 Sounds from Russia
A sonic wall, epic and somewhat sordid. From Russia Entertainus arrives with a track that sounds like a mass without ... [ read more and listen ]

  1144 visitas 
Couchboy "Sleep"
17/01/2022 Sounds from the USA
Fresh and somewhat bittersweet "Sleep" loads on their backs with a particular energy. As if Nirvana and Green ... [ read more and listen ]

  1249 visitas 
Tommy Z "Tommy Guns"
17/01/2022 Sounds from the USA
Top notch blues rock, restrained and elegant. An irresistible and groovy base of drums, bass and organ is the ideal ... [ read more and listen ]

  1260 visitas 
Mappings "Brothers"
17/01/2022 Sounds from the USA
A sweet track, with a calm vibe and an urban mood. On "Brothers" Mappings offers relaxed melodies on ... [ read more and listen ]

  1168 visitas 
Urban Walrus "Pie in the Sky"
17/01/2022 Sounds from Switzerland
Melancholy and calm "Pie in the Sky" is an intimate, stripped down track with a campfire vibe. The ... [ read more and listen ]

  1171 visitas 
Barking Orders in German "ROSA"
17/01/2022 Sounds from Germany
Groovy and modern with nods to 70s glam rock. Barking Orders in German sounds punchy and focused and "ROSA& ... [ read more and listen ]

  1164 visitas 
Painted Sky "Inside The Zone"
17/01/2022 Sounds from Sweden
Hard rock from Sweden, intense and modern. At times Painted Sky is reminiscent of Rush's impetus and on " ... [ read more and listen ]

  1192 visitas 
ELYAZ "Remember Home"
17/01/2022 Sounds from Italy
The '80s are alive and well on "Remember Home" an epic, synth-heavy track with lead vocals and a ... [ read more and listen ]

  1144 visitas 
Electric High "Rough Diamond"
17/01/2022 Sounds from Norway
Rock and roll imbued with the spirit of the 70s and fused with some funk and soul. Two-voiced Electric High ... [ read more and listen ]

  1255 visitas 
Gilt Rip "Soaring and Falling"
12/01/2022 Sounds from Russia
A track with a very personal sound that refers in part to the 80s. From Russia Gilt Rip arrives with ... [ read more and listen ]

  1120 visitas 
Vaso "Vacancy"
12/01/2022 Sounds from the USA
Complex rock with a great groove and eclectic dynamics. Vaso goes through different vibes and energies in "Vacancy", ... [ read more and listen ]

  1474 visitas 
Josh Ramsay x Chad Kroeger "Lady Mine" (feat. Chad Kroeger)
12/01/2022 Sounds from Canada
Josh Ramsay deliver a rock-heavy track in the '70s vein. Sensual, groovy, full of soul and funk. "Lady Mine& ... [ read more and listen ]

  1155 visitas 
Chris Lyon Band "Eden"
12/01/2022 Sounds from the USA
Clapping, a piano and fairground organ sounds. Chris Lyon Band appeals to the roots in "Eden", a track ... [ read more and listen ]

  1080 visitas 
Jasper Harris "Running In Vain"
12/01/2022 Sounds from the USA
A track with an agile and frenetic rhythm, an elusive bass and aquatic guitars, a melancholy and hurt voice. Jasper ... [ read more and listen ]

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King Riff "Ethereal Sunshine"
12/01/2022 Sounds from Italy
A heavy walking rhythm, a crisp riff and a subtle voice. King Riff sounds stoner but with an 80s spirit. ... [ read more and listen ]

  1130 visitas 
Guitatronik "Space Wants to Kill You"
12/01/2022 Sounds from Poland
A very atmospheric track with a dynamic and style reminiscent of The Police's epic jam sessions. Guitar, bass and ... [ read more and listen ]

  1176 visitas 
Rob Garland x Marco Minnemann "126"
12/01/2022 Sounds from UK
Top notch rock and roll with brilliant drums and hazy guitars. Rob Garland and Marco Minnemann display their expertise on & ... [ read more and listen ]

  1175 visitas 
Moon Lama "Rome"
12/01/2022 Sounds from Germany
Darkness and a glow in the background. From Germany Moon Lama presents a captivating and moving track. "Rome" ... [ read more and listen ]

  1121 visitas 
Uncle Strut "Funkier Than That"
11/01/2022 Sounds from Canada
A fresh and vivid song, with clean guitars and a fire pit vibe. Uncle Strut travels back to the 70s ... [ read more and listen ]

  1302 visitas 
At the Grove "A Tale Of The North Sea"
11/01/2022 Sounds from Germany
An epic sonic wave transforms into a calm and spacious sea. At the Grove translates these images into music. " ... [ read more and listen ]

  1112 visitas 
Humbiego "Love in Seven Countries"
11/01/2022 Sounds from the USA
Direct rock, loaded with energy and a dynamic that pushes forward. "Love in Seven Countries" recalls the energy ... [ read more and listen ]

  1501 visitas 
Matthew Solberg "Wall of Doubt"
11/01/2022 Sounds from the USA
A fresh and direct track with grunge energy and an intimate vein reminiscent of Blind Melon. Matthew Solberg arrives with & ... [ read more and listen ]

  1136 visitas 
Wake The Sun "Deep Blue Skies"
11/01/2022 Sounds from the USA
Overflowing energy, sharp guitars, galloping rhythm and a devastating vibe. Wake The Sun rocks hard on "Deep Blue Skies& ... [ read more and listen ]

  1185 visitas 
OIL "Life Doesn´t Do" (live at WeLive Festival)
11/01/2022 Sounds from Germany
A hard rock cocktail, ska rhythm and dark vibes with an oriental touch. Oil delivers everything in "Life Doesn& ... [ read more and listen ]

  1258 visitas 
Adult Cinema "Spanish Garden"
11/01/2022 Sounds from UK
Adult Cinema delivers a track loaded with psychedelia and hints of beatlesque vibes. Sustained in progressive blues "Spanish Garden& ... [ read more and listen ]

  1441 visitas 
Blitz Union "My Own Road"
11/01/2022 Sounds from Czech Republic
From the Czech Republic comes a track that mixes hard rock with electronics and an intense and risky vocal performance. ... [ read more and listen ]

  1396 visitas 
How Strange It Is "Placeless"
11/01/2022 Sounds from the USA
A track with a bedroom imprint, introspective with a direct and frank sound. "Placeless" carries melancholic melodies and ... [ read more and listen ]

  1724 visitas 
Mere Skyline "My Story"
03/01/2022 Sounds from Canada
A full blast start, a forceful base, and a clear, melodious voice. Mere Skyline hits hard on "My Story& ... [ read more and listen ]

  1191 visitas 
McDead "Transported"
03/01/2022 Sounds from UK
Post-punk vibes, a hint of dark, a raspy voice with great presence and melodic arrangements that generate a layer of ... [ read more and listen ]

  1241 visitas 
The Mietus Touch "Digits"
03/01/2022 Sounds from the USA
A soulful groove and echoes of electronic pop from the early 80s. The Mietus Touch captures the attention from ... [ read more and listen ]

  1166 visitas 
Kyoto Kyoto "Fenderr"
03/01/2022 Sounds from UK
Oriental post-punk? With a fast beat and a subtle, hyperkinetic riff Kyoto Kyoto creates a very particular vibe in & ... [ read more and listen ]

  1421 visitas 
Easy Sleeper "Subcultured"
03/01/2022 Sounds from the USA
An upbeat track with a frank walk and smooth energy. "Subcultured" navigates between spacey guitars and a compelling ... [ read more and listen ]

  1186 visitas 
Viceroy Jack "Bite The Bullet"
03/01/2022 Sounds from Australia
Rock guitars, with a sharp cut with a raised fist message. Viceroy Jack revives the spirit of the 70s with ... [ read more and listen ]

  1469 visitas 
The Bad Man "90´s Kid"
03/01/2022 Sounds from the USA
A good sound up front, a vibe reminiscent of The Clash and a prodigious groove. The Bad Man invites you ... [ read more and listen ]

  1176 visitas 
Faux Rain "Breathe"
03/01/2022 Sounds from Australia
Ambient and undulating "Breathe" sounds like deep ocean music. Faux Rain cultivates an elegant post-grunge, with vigorous dynamics ... [ read more and listen ]

  1218 visitas 
Waste A Saint "The Healer"
03/01/2022 Sounds from Norway
Massive, creamy guitars, a busy rhythmic base, and a powerful, ripped voice up front. "The Healer" is a ... [ read more and listen ]

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