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A window to the music that's out there. Alternative, Garage, Indie, Latin, Pop and Psychedelic Rock. Grunge, 90s, classic, krautrock and progressive rock. Read the reviews and join the Spotify playlists News of The World and Seeking Land.

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(Damn) This Desert Air “Body Anchor (Back in Atlantis)”
08/08/2020 Sounds from the USA
The music of (Damn) This Desert Air is reminiscent of the power of Soundgarden. On "Body Anchor (Back in ... [ read more and listen ]

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69-Dust "Bad Sugar"
10/07/2020 Sounds from Sweden
Pappo, AC-DC and School of Rock, classic rock, motorcycle, pure and hard. Swedish band 69-Dust does not beat around the ... [ read more and listen ]

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A Day in Venice "Her Body Rocks"
09/06/2020 Sounds from Italy
A calm base, with subtle guitar notes in the style of the early eighties, a voice with a touch of ... [ read more and listen ]

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A-Money & The Downtown City "Hands Up (No Justice)"
07/06/2020 Sounds from Pittsburgh, USA
The song begins with rough guitars with a raw sound reminiscent of John Lennon concerts in the late 1960s. And ... [ read more and listen ]

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Added Color "Less Like Me"
22/11/2020 Sounds from the USA
... ... [ read more and listen ]

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Adult Cinema "Have You Ever Flown Across The Sky?"
15/11/2020 Sounds from
Agile psychedelic with galloping groove and punk spirit. Adult Cinema rocks loud on "Have You Ever Flown Across The ... [ read more and listen ]

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Adult Cinema "The Sun"
29/10/2020 Sounds from UK
An energetic and fresh rock, with a subtle psychedelia and a bulletproof groove. Rock from the 60s and 70s flows ... [ read more and listen ]

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Aimless "no roof"
16/08/2020 Sounds from Italy
An indie rock piece inspired by the quarantine, the song "No Roof" by the Italians Aimlessband has power ... [ read more and listen ]

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Alexander Mountain "We fall down"
02/08/2020 Sounds from East Sussex, UK
A classic cadence sustained by an acoustic guitar, clapping and percussion, "We fall down" grows little by little ... [ read more and listen ]

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Alone No More "Be Affraid"
20/06/2020 Sounds from Seatttle, USA
A folk-grunge atmosphere, powerful but refined. A good amalgam of voices in the chorus, an interesting bridge and an intense ... [ read more and listen ]

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Alternative Radio "I Don´t Want You"
04/10/2020 Sounds from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
Fresh and spontaneous "I Don't Want You" sounds like an encounter between the early punk singles of ... [ read more and listen ]

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Analog Dog "Fall Down"
23/10/2020 Sounds from the USA
Analog Dog sounds like a band in your living room. "Fall Down" advances step by step, with parsimony ... [ read more and listen ]

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Analog Dog "Feelin' Thin"
22/11/2020 Sounds from the USA
... ... [ read more and listen ]

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Andamiaje "Río"
07/06/2020 Sounds from Puerto Rico
A song with funk elements and Latin flavor. An urban story that unfolds on an emotional melody. Some arrangements and ... [ read more and listen ]

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Annapurna "Vallonia"
22/11/2020 Sounds from the USA
A track that directly connects the new wave pop of the early 80s with the AOR of the 90s. A ... [ read more and listen ]

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Antoine Duclos "I Tried Too Hard"
27/09/2020 Sounds from France
A soft but intense song, with an energy similar to that of certain 90s rock bands such as Blind Melon. ... [ read more and listen ]

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Any Given Room “Mind>Matter”
15/08/2020 Sounds from Little Rock, Arkansas, USA
Any Given Room kick the board with "Mind> Matter", an indie rock played firmly. Bass, guitar and ... [ read more and listen ]

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Apache Rose "On my watch"
25/10/2020 Sounds from Russia
Strong rock in the school of Smashing Pumpkins but also reminiscent of the 80s. With a modern sound Apache Rose ... [ read more and listen ]

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Apparitions "The Sailor Orates"
21/10/2020 Sounds from Australia
Post punk also heir to grunge "The Sailor Orates" by Apparitions is a track that resonates with many ... [ read more and listen ]

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As We Leave Stories We Tell
02/09/2020 Sounds from the UK
As We Leave's "Stories We Tell" just flows, the overall tone is reminiscent of certain John Lennon ... [ read more and listen ]

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ASHRR "Waves"
04/11/2020 Sounds from USA
Post punk with a vocation for melody. "Waves" has verses like buzzing, with an underground rhythm and climatic, ... [ read more and listen ]

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Aunt Tabby "Diskoteka"
07/06/2020 Sounds from Russia
A kick drum and distorted bass, Aunt Tabby's weapons to set the tone. In just a few seconds the ... [ read more and listen ]

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Bad Flamingo "Ain´t Too Worried Yet"
10/07/2020 Sounds from the USA
Dust, heat, rust and a rolling thistle, the soundscape that comes to mind when listening to the first few seconds ... [ read more and listen ]

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Bad Penny "Voices in My Head"
05/11/2020 Sounds from USA
Rock and roll with a grunge vibe on the trail of Pearl Jam. Bad Penny's "Voices in My ... [ read more and listen ]

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Badluv "Hate Me"
13/10/2020 Sounds from the USA
A vocal melody that acts like a riff, a forceful drums and a hi-hat that resonates like a cobra. A ... [ read more and listen ]

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Bandits Of The Apocalypse "Killing Time"
04/06/2020 Sounds from a Caribbean rooftop
"Killing Time" is a song that could have been born in front of a bonfire on a beach. ... [ read more and listen ]

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Bear Call "Time Sensitive"
15/09/2020 Sounds from the USA
A great bass sound contrasts on guitars loaded with modulation effects, pure psychedelia. As Bear Call's "Time Sensitive& ... [ read more and listen ]

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Ben Sierra “Drifting”
08/08/2020 Sounds from England, UK
A hang of psychedelic "Drifting" is a song suspended in the air. In the modulations of the chorus ... [ read more and listen ]

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Ben Stewart "Voodoo Ranger / Buffalo Smile"
06/07/2020 Sounds from Monterey, California, USA
Bent Stewart's music seems like a meeting of R.E.M. and Portishead. It has that mix of rural ... [ read more and listen ]

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Bend Sinister "1997"
26/10/2020 Sounds from Canada
A pop rock song with nostalgia from 1997 but, coincidentally, incorporating a lot of '80s rock idioms. Bend Sinister resonates with ... [ read more and listen ]

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Bend Sinister "I´m Tired"
10/08/2020 Sounds from Vancouver, Canada
Kind of blues from outer space "I'm Tired" intro has the Hendrix mark. Then Supertramp and Marc ... [ read more and listen ]

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Bend Sinister "Truth II"
06/11/2020 Sounds from Canada
Rock with drive, with a lot of attitude and energy. Bend Sinister comes from Vancouver with "Truth II" ... [ read more and listen ]

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Benjamino "Clutching At Shadows"
12/06/2020 Sounds from Australia
A mysterious but at the same time friendly intro. A voice in front and a phrasing that reminds a bit ... [ read more and listen ]

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Bensnburner "what´s the meaning of guff"
01/06/2020 Sounds from Germany
Two worlds collide in "What´s the meaning of guff". The song's 40-second intro with a ... [ read more and listen ]

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Beyond the Wash "Sand"
08/06/2020 Sounds form Ireland
The intro is reminiscent of certain sonorous climates of Radiohead style. Then "Sand" mutates to an intense rock ... [ read more and listen ]

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Bike Club "Heart Beating"
08/10/2020 Sounds from Toronto, Canada
Post punk with sharp guitars but with a pop heart. Bike Club presents in "Heart Beating" an urgent ... [ read more and listen ]

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Birdman Cult "Time"
17/10/2020 Sounds from Bristol/Newcastle, UK
A dark, almost industrial twist with very English melodies. Birdman Cult's "Time" inhabits the pandemic and in ... [ read more and listen ]

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Blackout Balter "Red Letter"
02/06/2020 Sounds from Nashville, USA
In "Red Letter" Blackout Balter fuses at least two styles: passages with a stooner rock essence alternate with ... [ read more and listen ]

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Blackout Balter “Burn the Ships”
07/08/2020 Sounds from Nashville, Tennessee, USA
Blackout Balter bets on what we could call neo twist. "Burn the Ships" could be part of the ... [ read more and listen ]

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Blackout Balter “Wild One”
27/06/2020 Sounds from the USA
Wild One sounds like a retro and futuristic punk at the same time. The firm, continuous scratching guitar is a ... [ read more and listen ]

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Blindboss "Fake Internet Points"
15/08/2020 Sounds from the USA
The alienation promoted by true power takes new forms, social networks are its most current field of action. Blindboss talks ... [ read more and listen ]

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Blue Hook "The Silence"
09/06/2020 Sounds from Toledo, Ohio, USA
A deep, vivid and very organic live jam. "The Silence" has a very particular vibe, it feels like ... [ read more and listen ]

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Bone Acre "Taste of You"
05/11/2020 Sounds from USA
With a very personal style Bone Acre presents "Taste of You" a deep, urban and nocturnal song. The ... [ read more and listen ]

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Bone Acre “Hands to the Sky”
29/07/2020 Sounds from the USA
A bass riff holds "Hands to the Sky", over a sustained beat the guitar paints hyperkinetic arrangements. A ... [ read more and listen ]

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Bonelang "American Playboy"
26/10/2020 Sounds from the USA
A vibrant pop dressed in dark clothes, a forked percussion sustains sharp riffs and the words fall like lashes. At ... [ read more and listen ]

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Bonnie Lola "Goodnight and Forever"
11/09/2020 Sounds from the USA
A fair share of melancholy and mystery, guitar arpeggios and galloping drums. Bonnie Lola's "Goodnight and Forever" ... [ read more and listen ]

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Brake Loose "Dublin Haze"
16/08/2020 Sounds from Ireland
A trippy march, fierce bass and guitar riffs and a strong drumming, Brake Loose set in "Dublin Haze" ... [ read more and listen ]

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Brother Sports "Fears"
30/05/2020 Sounds from Austin, Texas, USA
A drum cascade places you in context, a psychotic organ pushes you to the center of the melody. The voice ... [ read more and listen ]

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Bullet to the Heart "Birth of a tragedy"
03/08/2020 Sounds from the USA
A great song of dark and emotional metal executed with consistency and flashes of virtuosity. Bullet to the Heart's & ... [ read more and listen ]

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Burning Pools "Bang Bang"
23/09/2020 Sounds from the USA
A sweet voice on a guitar laden with fuzz. Grunge power, pop melody and bittersweet lyrical. Burning Pools is a ... [ read more and listen ]

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