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Moxie And The Nobodies "Epiphany Dad" & "Dancing In A Nuclear Wasteland"

Sounds from Australia

18/07/2022 |

Psychedelia and the absurd go hand in hand in the mashups of Moxie And The Nobodies. "Epiphany Dad" plays with robotic sounds and harsh guitars over which a spatial voice declaims verses with a certain parsimony, but everything changes radically towards an almost circus-like atmosphere. On the other hand "Dancing In A Nuclear Wasteland" poses a cooler environment, somewhat funky and with more intimate voices. In both we find a desire for experimentation with a sound that shows a personal brand. The surprise of the unpredictable awaits you just around the corner

Evan Moxie Kitchener · Moxie And The Nobodies - Epiphany Dad (#TWFIRA - Week 52 Preview)[Voting Now Open!]

Evan Moxie Kitchener · Moxie And The Nobodies - Dancing In A Nuclear Wasteland (Julian Langan-Fox)(#TWFIRA-Week 3 PREVIEW)


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